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Playstation 3

Playstation 3 System Update 2.40

Comments Off 02 July 2008

It’s finally here the PS3 System Update 2.40, with this update they introduce 2 new features. XMB in-game access and Trophy support.

XMB in-game access is basically the ability to use the menu features that you previously had to exit the game to access, such as read messages sent to you, change settings without exiting the game and the ability to play your own music in-game, pretty good if your bored of the same songs playing over and over.

Trophies, is a system to show players what they have achieved in-game in the form of trophies for each thing you tick off the list you start to go up a level. Basically the system allows you to record what you have done in-game and then compare what you have done with your friends. I suspect that in future this feature will be opened up to online so you can build your own little widget for your webpage/blog/social network profile showing just what trophies you have.

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